New City Church is committed to the following principles

Our Mission

We are wasting our time if Christ hasn’t been raised from the dead.
So says Paul in the New Testament.  In other words, the Christian faith is not founded on an idea or a ritual, but on a real-life person: Jesus Christ.  And the good news (or ‘gospel’) of Jesus is that his death and resurrection achieved something we never could: namely, a way to be right with God.
At New City Church, above all, we desire to be the people of Christ.  We want to think about Christ (Heb 3:1), marvel at Christ (2 Thess 1:10), know Christ (Phil 3:10), follow Christ (John 12:26), even be like Christ (1 John 2:6).  That last one is especially difficult.  But through the Spirit of God, for the last 2,000 years now, the gospel has been proclaimed by the church on every continent, in hundreds of languages, to billions of people.  And through belief in that gospel, men are made right with God.  We are stepping into that tradition and continuing to spread that message in Ankeny today.  But it’s not just a tradition.  It’s not just a message.  It’s the work of a living, real-life person:  the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
And thankfully, that work is shared in community.  If you desire to know Christ and be a part of his community, or if you have a bunch of questions or doubts about what that means, we would love to meet you.  You’re invited to a New City worship service, and we hope to meet you there.

Why Ankeny?