A brief summary of the missionaries and organizations we support.

Myanmar Churches Partnership


The Myanmar Churches Partnership is made up of three native pastors. This partnership has been coordinated by Steve Larson of Kaleo Church in Ames, Iowa. The partnership is designed to minister in and among the local churches of Myanmar by working together to spread the Gospel in informal yet committed, intentional relationships. This mission is dedicated to the sound teaching of Scripture and fundamentally applicable in every aspect of the lives of Christians in Myanmar. The four pastors are:

  • Pausang La Seng and the Antioch Myanmar Baptist Church {Kachin, Shan, Palaung, and Burmese languages)
  • Thawng Nei Bil and the Biblical Presbyterian Churches of Myanmar (Fa lam Chin and Burmese languages)
  • Hen Khan Go and the Zomi Baptist Convention of Myanmar (Zomi-Tedim Chin and Burmese languages)

These three pastors and their associated ministries are involved in the following types of
efforts as they bring the Gospel to Myanmar:

  •  Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Church Planting
  • Leadership development
  • Outreach to drug addicts, prisoners, and their families
  • Care of orphans
  • Education of children and youth
  • Life skills for women (weaving, sewing, cooking)
  • English as a second language
  • Medical clinics
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Computer and technology training
  • Emergency relief

Tyler and Katherine Betz

La Rochelle, France

Tyler and Katherine Betz are ABWE missionaries serving the Lord in La Rochelle, France. They
have 2 young children, Liam and Lucy. Tyler and Katherine both received their degrees from Faith Baptist
Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. Tyler was initially connected with France when he spent a year
there in ministry, playing basketball. It was after this time that he began feeling the Lord calling
him to be a full-time missionary back to France. The Betz family arrived in France in December
of 2019 to begin French language school and to begin building relationships with the people of
La Rochelle. They currently partner with Eglise Baptiste de La Rochelle and assist as
they strive to plant churches in neighboring towns. Typically, there is no gospel influence in
these areas.

Louis and Amber O’Tool

Welkom, South Africa

Louis and Amber O’Tool moved to Welkom, South Africa as missionaries in 2008. Louis has a degree in Pastoral Theology from Faith Baptist Bible College. He and Amber have four children, Meredith, Drake, Travis, and Molly. The O’Tools first worked in a local orphanage called The Pines Christian Care Centre for Children. They served there for many years, taking care of orphaned children and assisted native mothers in raising children under Godly influence.  In 2014, God led the O’Tools to transition from the full-time children’s home to discipleship work with young people in the community. In partnership with Pastor Joshua Bolaji (of British/Nigerian background), Louis and Amber began focusing on reaching and discipling youth from all over the city, through their local church, Welkom Baptist. Louis and Josh are also partnering to teach pastoral conferences throughout Sub-Saharan Africa to train local pastors in theology. This enables the native pastors to shepherd their flocks more effectively. They also teach at Mukhanyo Seminary, where they teach both current pastors and prospective church planters. The long-term objective is to plant churches and impact the culture in obedience to the Great Commission: Make Disciples.

Cole and Debbie Albright

Lima, Peru

Cole and Debbie Albright are missionaries in Lima, Peru with a focus on church planting. Lima is a South American urban city of over 10 million people. After spending 11 years at a Saylorville Church plant in south Des Moines (Living Waters Fellowship), they are thrilled to be able to serve cross-culturally in reaching the nations. Cole and Debbie have four children – Liam, Laila, Tate, and Wren.

Joseph and Kimberly Frerichs

Lima, Peru

Joseph and Kimberly Frerichs, along with their daughter Sadie and son Roman, are missionaries to Lima, Peru with Ambassadors Football. Their main focus is using soccer as a tool to share the Gospel. They partner with local Churches to help them reach their communities through a tool that is very welcoming to many people that may not be interested in church events. They are also very excited to work alongside Joseph’s parents church in Sol de La Molina and bring this sports ministry into each of the churches that they have planted. Hopefully we can be a part of their church planting movement by helping each of these churches effectively reach their communities every week.

Middle East Missions

Middle East

At New City Church we partner with two families who bring the gospel to places in the world that are not “open” to receiving the gospel. They are dear to our hearts, but we cannot share their names and pictures publicly. Both are young families who have followed God’s leading to bring the gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation.

One of our families left the US to be part of a school. They now lead a young church plant while maintaining many of their teaching/administration responsibilities at the school.
One family lives in an area where there is little to no church presence. They live and work in their local community and share the gospel with the people God places around them who are open to the Truth.